I’ve decided to write an adventure blog

When I was a kid, I used to accompany my father everywhere he went. He was an amateur fisherman and a skilled hunter, so I had my part of adventures growing up. Unfortunately, he wasn’t much of a photographer and neither did he like taking notes about the places we went through. So, many years later, after he died in a tragic hunting accident, I found myself deprived of many of the memories I had with him, and I barely remembered the amazing fishing and hunting trips, which had become all the more valuable to me now, that he was gone forever.

marshmellowI’m a fully grown man now, and I have a wonderful family. I love spending times outdoors with my wife, my two lovely kids and our dog. However, the idea of them not remembering all the marvelous details of nature, the discoveries that we made together with our dog, Marshmallow or the life-changing experiences that a trip can offer, is troubling me. For the purpose of leaving them with a legacy and heritage to keep with them throughout their lives, I’ve decided to start a blog where I tell the stories of our travels together. I don’t want them to forget the day we found Marshmallow or their first night in a tent. In addition, relatives that are far away from us and can’t be here, will this way be able to feel a take part in our joy.

Moreover, through this blog I could map their transition from children to teenagers and, who knows adults, along with measuring how their survival skills have improved in time as well.

fisshing adventuresI haven’t taken them hunting until now, as I gave up doing it a while ago, but we do take many outdoor fishing trips, testing the newest rods and the most exquisite places we set our minds on. The curious thing is that I see my daughter becoming an amateur fisherman more than I do my son. At the moment, she seems so much more patient than him, but I can definitely see him as a great climber a couple of years from now. Unfortunately, my wife is not a fishing lover, but she loves us, so she accompanies us in all our small endeavors. So is Marshmallow, our golden retriever that is so restless and full of energy whenever we go in a trip that we’ve started to blame him for our bad luck at catching big fish.

I’m planning to write this blog as a logbook and a story altogether. My kids loved the idea and I hope they will love what I write about them as well. In time, I hope we all contribute with small stories about various significant trip events. On the platform, I will also make sure to upload several photos with the wonderful places we visit, the fish we catch, the fishing techniques and gear that we use (maybe somebody finds them useful) and little videos with a happy Marshmallow that can’t be missing, since he can’t contribute in writing.