Fishing hats for all

As the weekend approaches, I’ve decided that my family needs some new hats. In our last tent trip I didn’t manage to convince my wife to go fishing with me because she claimed it was too hot and she didn’t have the appropriate hat with her to protect her from the sun. Because of this, I had to fish alone and had 0 success rate as well. In the evening we had to stay with our children and there were too many mosquitoes at the lake, so… all in all, a great fishing occasion wasted.


dogs4When talking about fishing hats, this is an item that probably interests many outdoor lovers for various reasons. It’s really hard to find a multipurpose hat, especially for ladies. So I’ve spent awhile looking for one that would be suitable for a day at the beach, and for a fishing trip as well. I reckoned it should be comfortable, heat and water resistant, and with a delicate design, as my wife doesn’t like heavy clothing items in the summer. Therefore, I opted for a waterproof Australian canvas hat on a light shade with a wide brim to protect her against the baking sun. The hat is fitted with a chin strap so that the wind doesn’t blow it away.


dogs5I have my own basic fishing hat with a neck cape, but since I was in the hat shop already, I acquired a new one for me as well. I always wanted a navy cap, so when I’ve run into one made with Nautical cotton canvas, white with a navy blue bill, I didn’t think twice and just bought it. I don’t believe I’ll be sweating much when wearing it, as it is fitted with ventilation holes on both sides and doesn’t feel heavy when I put it on.


dogs6The hardest part came when I had to find hats for my kids. I bought them two nylon hats last year, a pink and a blue one. My daughter wanted the blue one, as she said pink was a girl’s color, so my boy wore the pink hat, then he gave it to Marshmallow, and from that point on we don’t know what happened to it. We never found it again. That is why I decided to take two hats for them. Bought them two bucket hats, to protect their necks as well, as they play a lot in the sun, and then I purchased two sailor hats (that they can wear when we’re in a crowd so that we don’t lose them).


They totally loved them, except for the buckets, but I told them it was for their own good, as the sun can be damaging for their skin and they might end in the hospital if they don’t comply to wear those when we ask them to. Even my wife loved hers when she tried it in front of the mirror. What is left now is finding something that fits marshmallow’s head too. I think he felt a bit left out. Ahoy!

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