Fishing in Colorado

These days we are mostly in a hurry. Unfortunately, other occupations take most of our time and leave less space for us to leave the horrendous urban environment. Even so, busy and stressed, we managed to make some time for a new fishing trip. We’re planning a getaway in one of Colorado’s most popular fishing places. As the options are numerous, we’re having a hard time deciding on the specific spot we are going to visit, but also on the gear that we need to take with us. For starters, as my little kids don’t deal well with intensive heat, we’re searching for some heat protective gear for them and a pair of new waders for me. If we went on a trip including various activities, I wouldn’t be thinking about buying a new pair or even about packing my old ones, but as this trip is solely intended for fishing purposes, I think their addition to our baggage is an absolute must.


For the moment, I’m having a hard time choosing the right material and design for me, but it will all sort itself out once I have a little time to inquire into the matter. Right now we have more pressing matters like deciding what fishing area in Colorado we should visit, so that we can start researching the main species we can fish for there and, thus, decide on the type of gear we are taking with us. As many species of trout are to be found in the Colorado River or South Platte River, I’m seriously thinking to invest in some quality fly dog2fishing equipment maybe 1 or 2 rods, lines and baits. Of course, one of the rods is intended for my wife’s personal use, as I have never tried to convince her that fishing is a lovely activity by showing her a new and funny technique (I think I’ve exhausted all other ideas). Another option would be to visit Mount Evans, where besides the many fish species, the kids can see deer and other animals. As it is not far away, while in the area we can also make a stop at the Colorado Scenic Byway to admire the scenery and spend a little more time into the wilderness. I’ve gathered that is one of the best places to visit with family and offers excellent lodging facilities – always a great news for my wife.


Surprisingly, she didn’t object to my plan to try fly fishing yet, giving me hopes that she’ll try it herself, though she doesn’t yet know she’s getting a new rod for our marriage anniversary. My kids are just excited with the idea of being near water and nature, and they’re also curious about the types of fish we’re going to catch here. I’ve hindered and decided that, in the end, we’re taking Marshmallow with us, though he had some health problems this past week, fortunately nothing serious, but I’m quite sure leaving him behind would worsen or, at least, delay his healing process, so there’s no way he’s staying at home while we have so much fun.

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