How to prepare for road trips with the kids

If you have kids you know that even a short drive to the store can quickly turn into a nightmare so just imagine what a road trip could be like. If you are getting ready to pack the kids up for a family vacation and are driving to your destination there are a few things you can do to prepare for the upcoming road trip. Who knows these tips could even make a long road trip fun for you and the kids.





Remember when you were younger and single, a road trip could be easily planned in an hour. Know that you have kids this isn’t possible, unless you actually enjoy being stuck in a car for hours at a time with miserable children. I’ve learned that it actually takes me a week to pack before a road trip and chances are I still forgot something, but it is usually pretty minor and we can happily survive the trip without it.





4Don’t laugh, a checklist can actually be your best friend when you packing for more than one person. Simple items like socks or even underwear can be easily forgotten when you are stressed and in a hurry. I like to create a list for each person in my family, and I even have a general one where I keep track of games, toys and snacks so everyone can stay happily organized in the car. You can even keep a checklist of the maintenance needed on your vehicle so you really are prepared for your upcoming trip.





6Trust me when I say one of the most important things you will want to prepare for any road trip with kids are drinks and snacks. You also want to make sure that you pack enough for the adults. Bottled water is always a great choice, along with juice boxes. Filling a thermos with hot coffee will help you stay alert when driving, and it is definitely less expensive and time consuming than standing in a long line. When it comes to the snacks remember that kids will be eating in the vehicle so you don’t want to pack anything too messy. It should also be easy for smaller kids to eat by themselves since you probably won’t be sitting next to them. Fruit, sliced veggies and crackers are all great snacks to bring on a trip.





5With kids an emergency will always happen and it is easy to be prepared. An emergency first aid kit should be one of the first things you pack in the car, and you will want to make sure that you can easily reach it in a hurry. Extra diapers if applicable are also a must, along with extra wipes, paper towels and I always bring small bags so I can keep the trash relatively contained.



Another tip that I’ve learned is to always make sure that your devices are fully charged before you leave on your trip.

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