How we prepare for the summer holidays

The summer holidays are here, so I’m free to take my kids, my wife and my dog outside the city. We’re starting our long journey into the wild. For starters, 3 nights of camping, in an organized family camp. I wanted to go in a secluded area, see how my kids are dealing with it, but my wife strictly prohibited it, menacing she’ll lock herself and the kids inside the house and lock me and Marshmallow out, if I wanted to experience sleeping under the stars. So, besides our tent that can fit 4 people inside easily, we rented a small cabin with a shower that was available inside the camp. She said it would be better for us to have a private shower and sleeping there is safer for the kids. I know she’s right, but I’m secretly hoping the kids will choose to sleep in the tent even if she’s offering better conditions. I mean, they sleep in a bed most of their lives.


dogs1We’re leaving in two days, so the preparations are taking all of our time. Marshmallow is participating by stealing numerous useful objects that we take hours to find after, but we’re making visible progresses. Today we went shopping for some items we did not have or that have become shabby and unreliable over the years. I’m all for precise planning and safety travelling, even though I don’t consider sleeping in a cabin with a private shower camping (because it’s not). What is new to this experience is not the place, but the fact that I’m letting my kids pick the items they want to take with them and leave behind what they think we won’t need there. Of course, I always check what they’ve chosen once they’ve made their choice, but it will be nice to see how they assemble the whole luggage.


dogs3The camp offers boat tours into the wilderness and plenty of activities for kids: games, sports, shows, seeing wild animals, so it will be a great adventure for them, much more than it will be for us. Maybe, while the kids are enjoying their kids’ activities, I’ll have a bit of time alone with my wife and convince her to join me for a fishing session. I’m sure she will be reluctant in the beginning, but if she doesn’t have anything to do, I may be able to persuade her. She took some things to occupy her time while I’m fishing, but those are one of the items I told my kids we can leave behind, and instead, add another light rod to the gear.

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