Our bass fishing adventures

Bass fishing has been one of my greatest pleasures ever since I can remember being alive. I used to go out fishing with my father, who was the one who taught me the basics of the techniques. I don’t consider myself a professional fisherman, but I do enjoy some time on the shore or the boat, depending on the fishing expedition that I’m joining in. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and I’ve always been eager to teach them about bass fishing, which is why I started looking for the right equipment for children. Soon enough, I came across the Ready 2 Fish Bass Spin Combo, which I bought once I went through the reviews of many fishermen who say that this kit is the best one to have been designed for the use of beginners and youth.  


I recently went fishing with the kids and I’m happy enough to say that we’ve all had a great time. My wife doesn’t share my passion for bass fishing, but that’s all right since she’s the one to cook the fish once we get back home. She’s delighted that I now get to spend more time with my son and daughter and my fishing buddies, as well. While the rod and reel did their job as they were supposed to, I have to say that what appealed to my children the most were the lures. The kit came with baits such as purple and silver glitter rubber grubs and even some 6-inch plastic worms. dogs2My daughter fell in love with the rubber lizards that we found in the package and she made sure that she used one of them whenever she had a shot at fishing for a bass. Of course, I had to give them a hand once in awhile given that they don’t yet have the expertise required to grab a hold of a big bass. For now, I’ve bought just one of these combos, but I intend to purchase another one so that they’re able to have their shot at getting a catch at the same time. Even so, it was more than fun to see them both get excited about capturing a bass that we would, later on, cook and eat at home.

dogs3Another detail that I’d like to add is that we even took our dog, Marshmallow, along. In spite of the fact that he hasn’t been a puppy for years, he’s full of energy and really knows how to excite my kids about new adventures. My daughter had a lot of fun running around and through the bushes near the shore with Marshmallow. As I mentioned earlier on, we had just one combo for beginners with us, which is why I believe that bringing the dog along was the best thing I could have done given that both of the kids couldn’t have used the rod and reel at the same time.

In the end, our fishing trip was one of the most entertaining activities that we ever did. I’m looking forward to the next weekend when I will get some time off from work so that I’m able to take the kids fishing once again. Maybe my wife will join in, as well, although she hardly considers herself a fishing lover at all.

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